The Burundi Human Rights Initiative

Statement on the end of BHRI

We are sad to announce that The Burundi Human Rights Initiative (BHRI) will close at the end of .

BHRI was launched in and was originally conceived as a project to provide independent human rights information and analysis around the elections in Burundi. It was not intended to be a long-term initiative. We focused on Burundi for four and a half years – far longer than we would have imagined.

After much reflection, we have decided, for personal reasons, that it is time to move on. This decision is not connected in any way to the human rights situation in Burundi. On the contrary, there are still many serious human rights concerns that need sustained attention and action.

Burundi remains a much-neglected country on the international scene, but a few strong voices can go a long way. We hope that our work has inspired those who care about Burundi to keep up the fight for the respect of human rights and justice. Please continue to use our publications which will remain available on our website.

Thank you to all those who have supported and encouraged us over the last four and a half years.

Carina Tertsakian and Lane Hartill